Deborah Davison - Mezzo Soprano

"Born to play Carmen? – it could very well be. Ms Davison had total musical and dramatic command of this intriguing and challenging role. She glowered, she simmered, she seduced: she threw tantrums, she cajoled, and she very nearly triumphed – had it not been for that well-aimed dagger in the closing moments of the opera. She’s also got the hair colour (a rich brunette), the voluptuous figure and the dancing skills. No male who came into contact with her could withstand her allure, and one, Don Jose, was comprehensively ruined by her.

....she is a skilled interpreter who had given careful thought to the inflections necessary to convey meaning in her arias; who had the technique and tone quality to hold her own in the role - and the stamina to see it through to the end without flagging. Producers, take note."
Opera Talent (
Carmen, St Albans Chamber Opera

“The show was practically stolen almost at the end by Deborah Davison’s Inez, who in eight lines of recitative made a greater comic impression than any principal singer besides Donald Maxwell.”      
 Opera Today                                     
 Inez, Gondoliers, English National Opera

“There is a small gem of a performance from Deborah Davison as the aged crone Inez, who makes the final scene irresistibly funny.”  
The Stage 
Inez, Gondoliers, English National Opera

"...a seamless and lively Third Lady..."
Opera Magazine
Third Lady, Magic Flute, English National Opera
“Deborah Davison...produced a delightful character who captivated the audience”          
The Herts Advertiser                                                      
Perichole, La Perichole, St Albans Chamber Opera            
“Dulcinea herself was sung by Deborah Davison, with a warm and full voice..”
Sevenoaks Chronicle                                                    
Dulninée, Don Quichotte, Kentish Opera

“Deborah Davison sang Elgar’s Sea Pictures with a maturity of voice and style, and the songs took on a refreshingly youthful quality.”      
The Belfast Telegraph                                                      
Studio Symphony Orchestra Concert, Belfast
“Her sparkling voice and coquettish stage presence were a joy to behold” 
St Albans Observer                                                          
Cadilly, St Albans Chamber Opera
“..Davison's dynamic range was a delight and her vocal control, particularly when singing high notes quietly, was impressive indeed.   
The Belfast Telegraph                                                       
BBC Radio Ulster, Lunchtime Recital (broadcast)

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